Is your Engineering team operating at its best? My mission is to help engineering leaders recognize the full potential of their teams and deliver on the visions of their companies.

I’ve worked with companies as small as one-person bootstrapped shops, pre-seed startups, and grown engineering operations through a company’s “A” and “B” rounds. I’m most effective with companies of fewer than ten engineers or fifty employees total, though these aren’t hard limits. (Even if you’re slightly larger, fill out the form below and let’s talk!)

Getting a boost from an outsider isn’t always easy — especially for Engineers. My goal is to help surface the best of your team and your software development process, and help you create a habit to keep building a positive team culture indefinitely. My primary metric of success is whether your operation grows and succeeds long after we’re no longer working together.


Operating from a set of guiding philosophies provides a stable rudder when challenges arise. Here are a few of the principles I believe make a powerful impact on software engineering.


Fractional/Interim CTO

All companies occasionally go through transitions, and if you need a technical voice on the leadership team who can also help keep the engineering team on the right track while you search for your perfect CTO, I can help. I’ll even help vet your candidates to make sure you end up with the perfect match.


Perhaps technology is ancillary to your core business value, rather than being the centerpiece as with some SaaS businesses, and you’re not certain yet if you need a full time person to lead engineering. I can help you make the right choices for the future of your platform, whether your team is internal, outsourced, or even offshore.

Engineering Team Tune-up

Lots of factors play into making an engineering team successful. Most of them are communication, but they are all connected to building a process that the people on your team can trust and respect. During a three-week Team Tune-up, I begin with in-depth conversations with every member of your engineering team, as well as all of Engineering’s stakeholders throughout the company.

No two engineering organizations are exactly alike, so we work together to design a process that works for YOUR team, and put it into practice. We’ll make sure your team members feel a sense of ownership over their work and growth in their careers, while making sure other teams in the business have the visibility into and confidence in your team that they need.

Because building procedural habits requires deliberately putting them into practice, we’ll do this alongside and even including normal product development workflow. I’ll circle back six months later and check in to see how well our process has taken root, and help apply any lessons learned in the interim.

Coaching For New Tech Leaders

As a first-time CTO (or other tech lead by some other name), you’re going to experience several major shifts in your day-to-day work as your team grows: First, as you bring on your first full-time Engineer, and again, somewhere between 2 and 10 team members. Accountability starts at the top, and it’s up to you to set the tone and culture of the team moving forward. Your responsibilities to other members of company leadership are going to change as well. I can coach you through this as you set the right foundation for the growth of your team.